Ensuring Calf Success in Winter Months

      It is safe to say that we are now in the thick of winter and with that comes the challenge of keeping calves healthy and happy. Calves begin to experience cold stress as soon as the temperature dips below 10C. In order to maintain their body temperature, calves require extra energy to meet not only maintenance demands, but also for increased growth. If a calf is not getting the additional energy required, they will begin taking from their energy reserves resulting in weight loss, and impaired immune function causing sickness or in extreme cases, death.


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Fall Survey & Rebate Promo

Help us to get to know you better, and earn up to $1000* doing it! To obtain your refund, complete and return the short survey included with your skid of Mapleview milk replacer or print the one found by clicking 'Read More'. Receive a $100* cash rebate (by cheque) on each full skid (forty 25kg bags or fifty 20kg bags) of Mapleview milk replacer purchased (up to 10 skids). Rebate available on skids purchased, delivered and invoiced between November 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017 through authorized dealers.

*Conditions apply. Read More for details. Maximum 10 skids per customer. Proof of purchase required.

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