Feeding Deccox-M® in milk replacer


26/17 Milk Replacer + Deccox-M® (DEC) VS.
26/17 Milk Replacer (CON)


120 Control (CON) calves
120 Test (DEC) calves (Deccox-M® was fed at the labeled dosage of 0.5 mg/kg)
Weaned on day 49
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 14
Day 49 – Weaned
Fecal Samples::
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 7
Day 14
Day 21

Milk Replacer feeding rate

Week 1-2520g / Day
Week 3780g / Day
Week 4-51040g / Day
Week 6520g / Day
Week 7-8390g / Day

Grain feeding rate

Days 1-20Calf Starter (20% CP) + Bovatec
Days 21-49Grain Ration (18% CP) + Bovatec
26-26-17 + Deccox-M®26-26-17 (CON)
Arrival weight104.93 LB104.58 LB
End weight173.00 LB168.36 LB
Average daily gain1.39 LB1.30 LB
Milk replacer consumption33.07 KG33.07 KG
Grain consumption 28.37 KG28.68 KG
Cost per LB of grain$2.02$2.16
LBS of feed per LB of gain1.992.13


The test group (DEC) calves showed:

  • 4.6 lb heavier weights at weaning
  • Less feed required per pound of gain
  • Lower cost per LB of gain
  • A decrease in percentage of calves with cryptosporidium at 14 days (P=0.01)


The results of this study showed that feeding Deccox-M in the milk replacer pre-weaning increased average daily gain and feed efficiency, as well as reduced the number of calves with Cyptosporidium Parvum.

Deccox®-M is a registered trademark and the property of Zoetis or its licensors, used under licence by Zoetis Canada Inc. All data provided was part of an internal study at the Mapleview Agri Ltd. Research Barn.

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