Functional Protein Comparison


Mapleview Advanced Calf + Deccox VS.
26-26-17 Milk Replacer + Deccox


120 Test and 120 Control calves
77 day trial
Weaned on day 49
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 14
Day 49 – Weaned
Day 77 – Departure

Milk Replacer feeding rate

Week 1-2520g / Day
Week 3750g / Day
Week 41000g / Day
Week 5-6500g / Day
Week 7330g / Day

Grain feeding rate

Weeks 1-3Calf Starter (18% CP)
Week 450% Calf Starter + 50% Corn + Pellets
Weeks 5-11Corn + Concentrate blend including 2% chopped straw (18% CP)
MV Advanced Calf + Deccox26-26-17
Arrival weight103 LB103 LB
Departure weight245 LB243 LB
Average daily gain1.82 LB1.80 LB
Milk replacer consumption27.95 KG27.86 KG
Grain consumption 112.10 KG116.47 KG


  • 5% reduction in mortality
  • 0.4 fewer scour days
  • Improved feed conversion


When comparing Mapleview Advanced Calf + Deccox to the 26/26/17 milk replacer, the calves fed Mapleview Advanced Calf + Deccox had improved feed conversion, fewer scour days, as well as significantly lower mortality than those fed the 26/26/27 all milk product.

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