Protein Source Comparison


All Milk Protein Milk Replacer – 25/25/19 VS.
Wheat Protein Milk Replacer


120 Test and 120 Control calves
78 day trial
Weaned on day 49
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 14 – Milk increase
Day 49 – Weaned
Day 78 – Departure

Milk Replacer feeding rate

Week 1-2520g / Day
Week 3650g / Day
Week 4-5900g / Day
Week 6-7450g / Day

Grain feeding rate

Weeks 1-3Calf Starter (18% CP)
Week 450% Calf Starter + 50% Corn + Pellets
Weeks 5-11Corn + Concentrate blend including 2% chopped straw (18% CP)
Milk Protein 25/25/19Wheat Protein 25/21/19
Arrival weight104 LB104 LB
Departure weight261 LB247 LB
Average daily gain2.02 LB1.83 LB
Milk replacer consumption30.18 KG30.27 KG
Grain consumption 258.4 KG251.7 KG


  • 10% more weight gain
  • 14lb gain advantage at 78 days
  • 0.19lb/day increase in average daily gain at weaning
  • Improved feed efficiency, requiring 12% less grain per lb of gain after weaning


When comparing the 25/25/19 All Milk Protein milk replacer to the 25/21/19 Wheat Protein milk replacer, the calves fed the milk protein formula gained more, and had greater feed efficiency than those fed the wheat protein formula.

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