Increased Milk Replacer Feeding


Mapleview Sure Start + Deccox feeding rates

Des détails

40 Test and 40 Control calves
83 day trial
Weaned on day 56
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 14 – Milk increase
Day 56 – Weaned
Day 83 – Departure

Taux d’alimentation du lait de remplacement

Week 1-2500g / Day500g / Day
Week 3-5750g / Day1000g / Day
Week 6-8375g / Day500g / Day

Taux d’alimentation en grains

Weeks 1-4Calf Starter (18% CP)
Week 550% Calf Starter + 50% Corn + Pellets
Weeks 6-11Corn + Concentrate blend including 2% chopped straw (18% CP)
750g 1000g
Arrival weight105 LB105 LB
Departure weight257 LB277 LB
Average daily gain1.79 LB2.02 LB
Milk replacer consumption23.68 KG29.56 KG
Grain consumption 225 LB239 LB

Benefits of feeding 1000g VS. 750g / Day

  • 13% more weight gain
  • 14lb gain advantage at weaning
  • 20lb gain advantage at 83 days
  • 17% reduction in antibiotic therapy
  • 14kg more grain consumption
  • Reduced scours and respiratory incidence


Feeding Mapleview Sure Start + Deccox at 1000g rather than 750g per day resulted in a better performing calf. Faster gaining calves are more likely to remain healthy and require less antibiotic treatment.

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