Milk Replacer Comparison


Mapleview Sure Start + Deccox VS.
22-22-17 Milk Replacer

Des détails

40 Test and 40 Control calves
79 day trial
Weaned on day 42
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 42 – Weaned
Day 79 – Departure

Taux d’alimentation du lait de remplacement

Week 1-2500g / Day
Week 3850g / Day
Week 41200g / Day
Week 5-6600g / Day

Taux d’alimentation en grains

Weeks 1-4Calf Starter (18% CP)
Week 550% Calf Starter + 50% Corn + Pellets
Weeks 6-11Corn + Concentrate blend including 2% chopped straw (18% CP)
MV Sure Start + Deccox 22-22-17
Arrival weight101 LB101 LB
Departure weight274 LB260 LB
Average daily gain2.19 LB2.01 LB
Milk replacer consumption28.55 KG28.55 KG
Grain consumption 121 KG121 KG

Benefits of Feeding Mapleview Sure Start + Deccox

  • 9% more weight gain
  • 8lb gain advantage at weaning
  • 14lb gain advantage at 79 days
  • 52% reduction in antibiotic therapy
  • Reduced scour days


When comparing Mapleview Sure Start + Deccox to the 22-22-17 milk replacer, the calves fed Mapleview Sure Start + Deccox gained better, were healthier, and required less antibiotic treatment, despite consuming the same total amount of milk replacer and grain.

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