Effects of Cel-Max on performance


26/17 Milk Replacer + Cel-Max™ (CMX) VS.
26/17 Milk Replacer (CON)

Des détails

120 Test (CMX) calves
120 Control (CON) calves
78 day trial
Weaned on day 56
Day 0 – Arrival
Day 14
Day 56 – Weaned
Day 63
Day 78 – Departure

Taux d’alimentation du lait de remplacement

Week 1-2520g / Day
Week 3780g / Day
Week 4-51040g / Day
Week 6520g / Day
Week 7-8390g / Day

Taux d’alimentation en grains

Weeks 1-3Calf Starter (18% CP)
Week 450% Calf Starter + 50% Corn + Pellets
Weeks 5-11Corn + Concentrate blend including 2% chopped straw (18% CP)
26-26-17 + Cel-Max 26-26-17
Arrival weight104.62 LB104.61 LB
Departure weight263.54 LB253.22 LB
Average daily gain2.03 LB1.90 LB
Milk replacer consumption37.67 KG37.67 KG
Grain consumption 106.15 KG109.91 KG
Cost per LB of grain$1.16$1.24

Avantages de Cel-Max™

  • 11 lb gain advantage at 78 days
  • 12% less feed required per pound of gain
  • $0.08 lower cost per LB of gain


The results suggest that feeding 1 g/day of Cel-Max™ in the milk replacer for the first 56 days can promote increased calf performance. A statistically significant increase in feed efficiency, as well as average daily gain, were observed in the calves fed Cel-Max™ until weaning. Overall feeding calves Cel-Max™ resulted in lower cost per pound of gain.

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